Studio 3 is located inside The Third Space on Campus Corner in Norman, Oklahoma. But we can record your podcast from anywhere! Contact us for details!

The values that motivate The Third Space are: 

  • transparency

  • equitable and respectful inclusion

  • open-minded growth

  • collaboration

  • hopeful and bold action


We are committed to being honest and trustworthy. We are committed to promoting a spirit of openness in all that we do. 


We are passionate about creating and cultivating an inclusive community. We are committed to serving all of humanity in a respectful and equitable manner.


We believe in learning, growing and developing throughout life, which involves engaging in open discussions and listening to others.


We are committed to collaborative work that facilitates the collective good and the joint promotion of our common interests.


We are passionate about maintaining positive and hopeful perspectives as a basis for bold and energetic action in our community.


Suzette Grillot hosted the award-winning NPR radio show, World Views, which evolved into the College of International Studies Podcast. Since then, she has co-created a number of other podcasts, including proFcast, On Our Campus, Corruption is Deadly and Four Grown-ass Women of the Apocalypse. 


Suzette serves as Studio 3’s content advisor. For those who want to start a podcast but need assistance with direction and content creation, Suzette offers guidance outside of the sound booth. She will work with you to hone your vision and craft your message to create a memorable podcast with a positive impact.   

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