Below you'll find samples of podcasts we've produced at Studio 3. Some were recorded in studio, while others were recorded remotely. Contact us to set up a consultation or recording session today!

This podcast episode was recorded inside Studio 3 at The Third Space.
DreamRadically Podcast brings community leaders, activists, educators, artists, students, and more to imagine a society full of justice and peace. This podcast brings voices who are on the ground doing the work for structural change in our communities and provides lessons for all of us to embark on the path of liberation. Join us as we DreamRadically.
This episode of The Roar & Peace Project was recorded inside Studio 3 at The Third Space.

The Roar & Peace Project is a story about women in business. About women running existing businesses together and starting new ones. This is also a story of women starting businesses while also serving on their local city council and having families. Because no woman ever has only one responsibility in her life. And we apparently function best when we have many.

In the ven diagram of business, politics, and partnerships - there we are. Smack in the middle.



This podcast is recorded remotely via Google Hangouts.


We are four grown-ass women of the apocalypse. We are business owners and friends. We talk about policy, tell stories and laugh a lot.

This episode of Amplify was recorded inside Studio 3 at The Third Space.
The Amplify podcast features the music, workshops and guests of The Third Space. The Third Space is an empowering, supportive co-working and community-building environment located on Campus Corner in Norman, Oklahoma. 
This podcast is recorded remotely via Google Hangouts.
The Corruption is Deadly podcast is co-hosted by Suzette Grillot and Sara Bana. Every week they discuss why and how we must fight corruption in our public and private spaces in order to develop social solidarity and enhance survival during a global pandemic.

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